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Financial Happiness for Life!
FREE Financial Happiness Lesson
Claim your free budgeting lesson from Bailey's Budget Bootcamp program!
Budget Basics Bootcamp is a budgeting program for everyday people who want to be given the knowledge and tools to be able to use budgeting in their everyday lives to free them from their financial concerns. This program will create many opportunities to change your financial behaviors, patterns and routines forever; setting you up for Financial Happiness for life!
Stop living pay cheque to pay cheque.
Stop wondering where all of the money has gone.
START choosing Financial Happiness for LIFE!
In this program...
We are going to find out how much money you are REALLY spending.

 We are going to teach you how to grocery shop in a budget friendly way.

 We are going to guide you to set goals and ACTUALLY achieve them.

 We are going to give you the tools to track your spending and your bill payments.

In this program we are going to change your money mindset FOR LIFE.
9 Lessons + 1 Bonus Lesson

Modules include:
How much money am I spending?
Assets vs Liabilities
Groceries, groceries, groceries
Financial Goals
Bill payments & Tracking
Christmas Spending
...and more!
Self Directed Online Program

Includes 9 lessons + Bonus Lesson


Payment plan available!
Email [email protected] for more information

All values are in Canadian dollars.
Personalized 1-on-1 Program

If you feel that you could use a more personalized Budget Basics Bootcamp journey please contact us
Online Interactive Program
We are considering running another round of Budget Basics Bootcamp Online Interactive Program in the New Year.
If you are interested in joining the next round of Budget Basics Bootcamp Online Interactive Program please email [email protected] for more information.
This program was created by the HAPPY MAKER {extraordinaire}, Bailey Yeats. Bailey is an everyday woman that was searching for something more in her life then living pay cheque to pay cheque. She was constantly worried about when the next payment was going to bounce and always wondering where all the money had gone; until she found budgeting. After several years of budgeting and creating a world of financial happiness with her husband, Bailey created this program. She now shares her budget program with people all over the world in hopes that many other people will be able to share the financial happiness that budgeting has created for her.  
To find out more about the HAPPY MAKER {extraordinaire} go to
I am living proof that Budget Basics Bootcamp works!
"With hard work and dedication, I paid off over $50,000 of consumer debt in ONE YEAR!" 

~Bailey Yeats

What people are saying about Budget Basics Bootcamp...

Lian from Los Angeles, CA says:

"I am so happy that I committed to Bailey Yeats' Budget Basics Bootcamp! I have managed my own and my family's financials for over 40 years and still did not understand the basics of bookkeeping. I desperately needed to learn two things: 'true cost accounting' and 'allocation'. Bailey's program taught me to identify true income and expenses by tracking my transactions in real time, gathering the facts! And when I realized I was not setting aside money from my monthly income for annual expenditures, I could see why "I never had enough money." Now I allocate funds every month for annual expenses. I have learned not only that I have to cut monthly expenses but how to cut them. Bailey's program offers easy-to-follow methods to locate overspending and "break the habit." My finances are not 'basic' but I needed to learn the basics in order to confront my money mismanagement and shift my financial consciousness. Bailey is great to work with and always available for individual help. From the Basic Budget Bootcamp, I am now off and running, taking responsibility for my future."

Twila from Alberta says:

"Money is tight for us right now and we aren't able to put a huge amount onto debt right now but I'd hate to think where we'd be financially during these tough times if it wasn't for this program. I would've done what I usually do and impulse spend and my other bills would've racked up and we'd be far worse off. I guess that's why I'm happy that we can cover the minimums (for now). This program has been so great for our family!!"

Michelle from Calgary, AB says:

"Bailey is personable, down to earth and easy to relate to. Though we’ve only talked a few times, I feel like she is someone I have known forever, and is someone who I can trust. Bailey offers realistic advice and strategies to support me in meeting my financial goals. Her passion and excitement for helping others achieve their goals is obvious"

Bailey Yeats
Founder of Budget Basics Bootcamp
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